Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Henry Gaye new video clip

Henry Gaye's new video clip coming soon. According to reliable information, the HipHop star hired 2 Cessna Citation private jets, precisely a CJ2 and CJ3, an experienced flight instructor and corporate pilot to man the jets, a 2011 produced black Mercedes Benz S-Class with chauffeur and special registration plate reading 'Henry', a well equipped pearl white 12 footer Hummer limousine with chauffeur, 3 pretty female models and a plus 10 strong professional camera crew using top-of-the-range recording equipment running into thousands of dollars. Henry Gaye also filmed at a prestigious marina using two expensive mordern motorboats and a motor quad. The aviation company and service providers were elated to have such an important guest and did all they could to make the day enjoyable for Henry Gaye and his crew. It is not yet know to which song on his "Break These Chains" album Henry Gaye means to match the recorded material but it is suspected to be one of the hottest tracks. Stay tuned.

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