Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Break These Chains - Henry Gaye

The beat goes on for Henry Gaye, Singer-songwriter and author released who "Break These Chains" his 12-track CD album under the Arsen Records label on the 08/04/2011.
The CD containing alternative RnB, HipHop, Rap fused with Rock and Pop undertones catches the listener's ear immediately rewarding Henry Gaye with strong fan attention. Throbbing bass lines with distorted guitar riffs on some songs tells the listener a new type of sound has been invented.
The LP can be bought in big music retail stores like Amazon, iTunes, Napster, Meteli, Muz.Ru, Mediamarkt, Musicload, TDC, World of Music, Rebeat, just to name a few.
Henry Gaye's fame is getting higher day by day with songs like "One Dollar and a Kalashnikov", "Burn", "That Girl", "Adrenaline" and many more.
This artist is surely going places with his music which has made him reach the status of celebrity in many circles. Being available for sale worldwide and online too, Henry Gaye's new CD is not difficult to get. Good packaging, quality material and great music is what Henry Gaye fans get as a reward for buying a copy of the album. 'Break YOUR chains' Henry Gaye tells his fans.

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