Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011


Henry Gaye: HENRY GAYE STORE OPENS ON REVERBNATION: Now Henry Gaye fans can cloth themselves in Henry Gaye branded clothing and use merchandise also branded Henry Gaye. The singer-songwriter ...


Now Henry Gaye fans can cloth themselves in Henry Gaye branded clothing and use merchandise also branded Henry Gaye.
The singer-songwriter wanting to give more to his fans who have shown so much love and dedication since the launch of his new album "Break These Chains, chose to brand fashion and merchandise with his name which also happens to be his trademark. The beautiful, high quality items and Henry Gaye music or ringtones, can be ordered on Reverbnation by following this link:

Henry Gaye on Rage/ABC TV Australia

Samstag, 24. September 2011


What is Henry Gaye's secret? How come "Break These Chains" his new album was only released on 08/04/2011 but he has been able to rise to Number 1 on the local charts and Number 13 in the whole of Germany??

We who know him can confirm he is a hard worker but there is always a secret to every success story. Visit Henry Gaye on Reverbnation. Find out more about this versatile emerging artist and his strategic way to the top. Follow this link:

Henry Gaye's Facebook profile page is also waiting for your fanship or like. Follow this link. Thank you:

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Henry Gaye's "The Groove" causing a stir!!

The fans have spoken! They want more! Henry Gaye's "The Groove" shows again on iMusicTV Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th between 17:55 and 18:30 CET. Be there and watch online here:

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Henry Gaye's "The Groove" shows again!!

Yes, Henry Gaye's fans love him. By popular request, the new mega video clip "The Groove" hits the air again on iMusic TV. This shows the fans are addicted to the entertaining factor of this video clip and the high quality material and equipment used. Be there next Monday and Tuesday! iMusic TV, where fans chill out with their favourite artists!:

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

New Henry Gaye video clip

Following the successful launch of his CD album "Break These Chains", Singer-songwriter Henry Gaye has completed the recording of his new video clip. It is not yet know to what song the clip will be matched as Henry Gaye refused to let journalists into that one. It is believed to be one of his best selling songs.
Henry Gaye Music will publicise the mega video clip worldwide and initially on the internet tomorrow August 5th 2011. Fans cannot wait to see the clip and there is already a demand for the video clip on DVD. Whatever it is, we believe talented Henry Gaye has used his rich imagination well in this picture reaching our screens tomorrow.

Arsen Music / Henry Gaye

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Henry Gaye new video clip

Henry Gaye's new video clip coming soon. According to reliable information, the HipHop star hired 2 Cessna Citation private jets, precisely a CJ2 and CJ3, an experienced flight instructor and corporate pilot to man the jets, a 2011 produced black Mercedes Benz S-Class with chauffeur and special registration plate reading 'Henry', a well equipped pearl white 12 footer Hummer limousine with chauffeur, 3 pretty female models and a plus 10 strong professional camera crew using top-of-the-range recording equipment running into thousands of dollars. Henry Gaye also filmed at a prestigious marina using two expensive mordern motorboats and a motor quad. The aviation company and service providers were elated to have such an important guest and did all they could to make the day enjoyable for Henry Gaye and his crew. It is not yet know to which song on his "Break These Chains" album Henry Gaye means to match the recorded material but it is suspected to be one of the hottest tracks. Stay tuned.

Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Break These Chains - Henry Gaye

The beat goes on for Henry Gaye, Singer-songwriter and author released who "Break These Chains" his 12-track CD album under the Arsen Records label on the 08/04/2011.
The CD containing alternative RnB, HipHop, Rap fused with Rock and Pop undertones catches the listener's ear immediately rewarding Henry Gaye with strong fan attention. Throbbing bass lines with distorted guitar riffs on some songs tells the listener a new type of sound has been invented.
The LP can be bought in big music retail stores like Amazon, iTunes, Napster, Meteli, Muz.Ru, Mediamarkt, Musicload, TDC, World of Music, Rebeat, just to name a few.
Henry Gaye's fame is getting higher day by day with songs like "One Dollar and a Kalashnikov", "Burn", "That Girl", "Adrenaline" and many more.
This artist is surely going places with his music which has made him reach the status of celebrity in many circles. Being available for sale worldwide and online too, Henry Gaye's new CD is not difficult to get. Good packaging, quality material and great music is what Henry Gaye fans get as a reward for buying a copy of the album. 'Break YOUR chains' Henry Gaye tells his fans.

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Henry Gaye

Henry Gaye Henry Gaye Henry Gaye Henry Gaye Henry Gaye- foto by Marco CarusoHenry Gaye- foto by Marco Caruso
Henry Gaye- foto by Marco Caruso-135Henry Gaye Henry GayeHenry GayeHenry GayeHenry Gaye
Henry GayeHenry GayeHenry GayeHenry Gaye "Break These Chains" CD album coverHenry Gaye on PlayboyHenry Gaye
Henry GayeHenry GayeHenry GayeHenry

Henry Gaye. Singer-songwriter and author. The new album "Break These Chains" making it big everywhere.Get your copy.

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

"Break These Chains" making Henry Gaye big

Henry Gaye's "Break These Chains" sees a rise in sales since its 08/04/2011 launch. This shows that fans crave new music types. Henry Gaye's alternative HipHop, RnB, fused with Rap and Rock overtones is a success. The European tour starts from Germany.

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Wonderful music by Henry Gaye

Songs from Henry Gaye's debut CD "Break These Chains" continue to work wonders. The album, since its 08/04/2011 launch unto the market, has seen considerable success in sales and plays. Arsen Music is happy with the way things are going and is planning a video story for some of Henry Gaye's songs.
The singer, songwriter and author is seriously preparing for his concerts and gigs. The album has been made available as a download online so fans can even get single track and djs can also download the tracks they find interesting.
RnB,HipHop,Rap with Rock and Pop undertones is what you hear on Henry Gaye's songs. A good opportunity to listen to something good and different. Street music at its best.

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Henry Gaye CD artwork by Markus Ruf

"Break These Chains". Henry Gaye's music

Henry Gaye has made it. The long awaited CD album "Break These Chains", launched on the 08/04/2011 was immediately made available to Austrian, Swiss and German fans in all music shops and internet downloads for every other country followed soon after.
The singer, songwriter signed on by Arsen Records is now preparing an Europe-wide tour and wonderful music videos.
The album produced by Henry Gaye for Arsen Records Germany contains 12 tracks boasting HipHop, RnB, Rap with rock undertones.
Henry Gaye, who has toured extensively has taken the opportunity to develope a new kind of street music to thrill his fans and all who listen.
Songs like "Burn", "That Girl", "Adrenaline", "One Dollar and a Kalashnikov", "The Light" and many others speak of life, love, hatred and Henry Gaye's experiences.
The CD is now available. Follow Henry Gaye who will surely be playing at a venue near you. The show must simply go on!