Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

"Break These Chains". Henry Gaye's music

Henry Gaye has made it. The long awaited CD album "Break These Chains", launched on the 08/04/2011 was immediately made available to Austrian, Swiss and German fans in all music shops and internet downloads for every other country followed soon after.
The singer, songwriter signed on by Arsen Records is now preparing an Europe-wide tour and wonderful music videos.
The album produced by Henry Gaye for Arsen Records Germany contains 12 tracks boasting HipHop, RnB, Rap with rock undertones.
Henry Gaye, who has toured extensively has taken the opportunity to develope a new kind of street music to thrill his fans and all who listen.
Songs like "Burn", "That Girl", "Adrenaline", "One Dollar and a Kalashnikov", "The Light" and many others speak of life, love, hatred and Henry Gaye's experiences.
The CD is now available. Follow Henry Gaye who will surely be playing at a venue near you. The show must simply go on!

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